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Inspiration from Karl, The Regulars Comic

Karl, the creator of TheRegularsComic.com, and his partner Alan come to Rocking Horse so frequently that we prefer to think of them as family.

Here are just a few of his cartoons, created on our DÍGANOS comment cards during some of his many visits.

  • Gratin de Hongos
    Alan goes out of town for a week and Karl plans for his week alone.
  • Rocking Horse Staff
    The staff witness Alan's relationship with Mexican beans.
  • Tinga de Pollo
    Karl and Alan brush up on their Mexican Spanish.
  • A Mixologist is Born
    Necessity isn't always the mother of invention!
  • Grilled Sockeye Salmon
    Karl and Alan are floored.
  • The Scream
    Alan's Munch